Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Second Look--March 25, 2015

Signs of spring are finally here both on the calendar and in the yard. Here a few of them I saw this week during a Second Look.

What would any spring be without a variety of weather? We had four more inches of snow.

We saw more birds on the feeder during the snow including another visit from this female pileated woodpecker.

As soon as the pileated flew away, this red-bellied woodpecker swooped in for a snack.

As usual, the squirrels were around getting their share. But notice, new daffodils are poking up also.

There was one lone crocus that was trying to bloom during the snow.

But the snow melted quickly (because it's Spring), and three more crocuses have bloomed.

Including this little crocus that was planted in the middle of the yard by a squirrel.

And what could symbolize Spring more than a robin?