Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day

Every once in a while, there is enough snow that my library is closed and I don't have to go to work. Today is one of those days. So what have I done with my extra time? A little of this and a little of that and a lot of nothing. It's been a great day.

My Snow Day

It started snowing this morning and is still going. Before it's all done, we should have over 8".

My day began with the determination to get a lot done.  I started with the laundry.

Next, I was going to work on taxes. However, I was distracted by the birds outside.

Ward, who was teleworking today, turned his chair around so he could see out the window

Then we were both distracted by a squirrel on the main bird feeder. This is the first time we've had a squirrel on this feeder since we put up the cone-shaped baffle. I hope this is a fluke of the extra snow height that it had to jump from.

Now back to the taxes. I was almost to the tax papers when I passed by my library book and thought there wouldn't be any harm reading a few pages.

Then Ward called and asked what this crested bird was. I told him it was a tufted titmouse.

Along about now, I was starting to get hungry. I thought I couldn't concentrate properly on the taxes if I were hungry. So after a snack, I made some spinach lasagna.

In the meantime, Ward was tired of sitting and decided to do some shoveling.

It will be dark soon, so I've decided the best use of my time would be a to do a little more bird watching. I'll work on the taxes after the sun goes down.


  1. It looks like you've mastered tax procrastination!

    Last week found me "needing just a little snack", "needing another cup of tea" (tea is a good procrastinating tactic, as you have to wait for the water to boil, the tea to infuse, reheat just a bit in the microwave, get the milk and sugar just right, then reheat again because the milk cooled it off -- I can 15 minutes just making a cup of tea), checking the mailbox, sharpening my pencils, organizing the papers, etc. All of this done to put off taxes as long as possible.

    Enjoy the snow!

    1. Where there's proper motivation, I can master anything. :) We actually finished our own taxes. Now I'm helping my mother with hers.

  2. I think your snow is just gorgeous and I love seeing pictures of it. (Did I mention I am glad we are not having to deal with it?)

    1. Today we are waking up to single digits and lots of snow. We'll see if things get cleared enough to get to work. Glad there's a two hour delay. But we're also waking up to some beautiful scenes. The sun is shining on the snow with lovely results.

  3. Is Orphan Train any good?

    I am also highly skilled in my role as Highly Distractible Person. ;)

    The weather people are saying it will be in the 40s next week ... it's been bitterly cold for so long that I find it hard to believe!

    1. The Orphan Train is quite good. I have not talked to anyone who didn't like it. Predictions are for the 50's here next week. I'm having a hard time imaging that also.


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