Monday, February 3, 2014

January No-Low Spend Wrap Up

This January I decided to follow Carla in her No-Low Spend month. The idea was to cut out all unnecessary spending.

Did we have a low spend month? Well, no. Did we feel comfortable with our spending? Well, yes. The first day of January started with unexpected events and the whole month seemed to follow suit. This included a lot of eating out while traveling and hotel bills. It also included a visit to a museum for a much needed mental health break. Each one of these expenditures was considered carefully and was decided to be necessary.

Ward mentioned that he thought that the low-spend month was a success and wanted to extend it into February. I think that's a good idea. We aren't big spenders anyway, but this may keep us from the extra purchases that we don't need like cheese curls. (Love those things.) Or maybe it won't. But it will least it will make me stop and think before I put that bag of the ever-so-light, crunchy, tasty, yellow balls of fat and salt on the counter on the counter to buy. :)