Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thankful Sunday--August 31, 2014

I am thankful for 
sweet potato blossoms.

I don't like sweet potatoes. I'm not even going to pretend that maybe they're alright if they're cooked the right way. My mother used to make sweet potato pie when we were kids and that didn't do the trick. They were still yucky. I didn't like them as a kid, and I still don't like them as an adult. But I have a new appreciation for them.

I was visiting Miss Landers yesterday and looking at her garden. I noticed what I thought were wild morning glories and told her she should be careful because they can really get out of hand. Then she told me that those were not morning glories but the blooms on sweet potatoes. This was news to me because, goodness knows, I had never tried to grow them. It turns out that sweet potatoes are in the same family as morning glories and that is why the blooms look the same. And the delicate blossoms are beautiful.

I am thankful for sweet potato blossoms because they will be the first thing I think about now when I hear sweet potatoes instead of those long meals as a child when it took me four glasses of milk to finish the one spoonful of sweet potatoes that my mother made me eat.


  1. They're beautiful! Life is kind of funny. I never remember ever having pumpkin as a kid. We didn't grow them and we didn't eat them. Everything the rest of the world (I later learned as an adult) made with pumpkin we made with sweet potatoes or cushaw squash.

    1. We didn't have much pumpkin either. We had sweet potatoes. My father grew them and both of my parents liked them. However, none of the kids did. My son really likes sweet potatoes, so maybe it skips a generation.

  2. I was never a fan of sweet potatoes, either, although I've learned to eat them. They bake up well into muffins. :) Apparently we had different techniques of dealing with dreaded dis-liked veggies when we were kid. Mine usually found their way into my napkin and I was VERY helpful with cleaning up after a meal so I wouldn't be found out.

    The blossoms are pretty ... and I'm wondering what cushaw squash is!

    1. It's interesting there were a few other vegetables that I didn't like as a kid--mostly yellow summer squash and Brussel sprouts. However, I've grown to like those as an adult. However, sweet potatoes never made the cut in adulthood either.


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