Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Second Look--September 4, 2013

This past weekend we borrowed Miss Landers' pressure washer and worked on removing the green and black gunk growing on the back of our house. At the same time, we cleaned our patio that was dirty enough that water was splashing up from it and making the siding dirty again. During the cleaning operation, we were also doing yard work so that meant we spent most of the weekend outside. I had a chance to see several things I don't usually notice on my normal rounds for a Second Look.

Here's what I saw this week during a Second Look.

The patio was definitely dirty.

Wally lashed together a walking stick and a broom to help reach the second story of the house.

This swallowtail was resting on the freshly cut grass.

There was one big toad and several little ones living in this window well. (See one big and one little on the window sill, another little on the leaf on the bricks.)

I uncovered this beetle while weeding.

This grasshopper jumped on top of the grill.

I found these egg shells in the middle of the field. These are either from a chicken egg from someone's trash or a goose egg that a critter has enjoyed. We occasionally find goose eggs buried by a critter with the intention of coming back to enjoy it.


In case anyone's wondering about the water that it took to pressure wash things, I am lucky to live in an area that doesn't have water problems. We are on a well and never have had any problems--especially this year with all of the rain that we have had.