Monday, August 12, 2013

Read the Labels

Recently I was having a discussion about vitamin D with a friend and she said I should check my bottle to make sure that I was getting the dose I intended. I had two different kinds and looked at both of them.

At first glance it appeared that the major difference between these two was that one of them is a gummy vitamin that you chew and the other is the traditional pill that you swallow. However, when I read the nutrition information on the back, another more important difference came to light.

Even though both labels on the front say 2000 IU, it takes one pill to equal that of the traditional vitamin and TWO gummies to equal that of the gummy vitamin. Sneaky. Yes. I guess the out for the gummies is that it says "Formula" after "2000 IU".

I like to think that I am a smart shopper and have a good eye for detail, but not this time. I fell for the "clever" marketing practices of the vitafusion company. I hope that I pay more attention in the future and you can use this as a heads up for your own shopping.