Thursday, January 31, 2013

A New Word

or What Does Velleity Mean?

I leaned a new-to-me word the other day that has all kinds of possibilities in all kinds of situations. It's usefulness makes me wonder why I didn't know about it before. 

Velleity---a noun that means to have a wish or desire to do something, but you are not interested in it enough to act on it.

To learn a word, you're supposed to use it in a sentence. Here's a couple of tries.

--My desire to take a walk around the neighborhood in the rain was more of a velleity than a real plan.

--Velleity is what keeps me from cleaning the lint out of the laundry sink. 

Can you think of a way that you could use velleity in a sentence?
But wait, there's more.
Here's how you say velleity.