Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Second Look--January 30,2013

This week, we've had a bit of snow, freezing rain, rain, sun, and temperatures ranging from the teens to the 60s. Enough variety for everyone, I think. I found a couple of more bone pieces this week along with a lone dandelion trying to bloom. Otherwise, it's been muddy and brown all around.

Here's what I saw this week during a Second Look.

This dandelion is a little worse for the wear with all of the changing weather we've had this week.

Bunny tracks in the fresh snow. Notice the extra "track" to the far left. That was probably the rabbits tail.

These three house finches (one male, two female) were enjoying the feeder during the snow.

This is the second day of the snow when it was starting to melt. We only had an inch or so.

The female house finch and Carolina wren (brown bird on pole) visited the feeder during the freezing rain. The wren is a new visitor to our feeder this winter.

I think this lightweight bone fragment came from a bird. I don't really know, but I enjoy guessing every week.

You know what they say, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

Thanks to Aunt Martha for help with identifications this week.