Thursday, January 3, 2013

Worries and Reruns

Sometimes things go smoothly in life, and sometimes you hit bumps. Right now I'm in a bumpy patch with concerns about my elderly parents.  Consequently, when I sit down to write a post, I have a hard time concentrating. It seems as if the worries flood out my other thoughts. So then and again, when I'm having a hard time thinking, I will be rerunning some of my posts that make me smile. It will be good therapy for me while I learn productive ways to channel my worries. I hope you enjoy them too.


 As you probably know, we have four cats that provide endless entertainment for us. I did a post a year and a half ago about our cat, Lucy, and her antics. Here's a link.

One of Lucy's midday games. See what other fun things she did this day.