Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Second Look--December 12, 2012

The weather has been cold recently, enough so, that I came in with rosy checks after doing my Second Look. Despite the cold weather, I found a few flowers that were providing color to an otherwise drab landscape and several birds visiting our feeder.

It seems as if you can find the ever-faithful dandelion blooming any time of the year.

You can see all of the way through this knot hole.

These downy(left) and hairy(right) woodpeckers visited the feeder at the same time. Pretty exciting.

There are two squirrel's nests in this tree.

They look more scraggly each week, but these mums are hanging on.

This picture was taken from Wally's and Theo's tree house. It doesn't get much use these days.

Some birds like to eat these nandina berries.

The view of our house from the back of the yard.