Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Spy a Mess

What Happens When Your Office is Getting Recarpeted,  

You Visit Your Parents Who are Cleaning Out Their Attic, 

and the Christmas Ads are Flooding the Mailbox

Can You Find?

1. A notebook that Ward and I use to "organize" our life

2. The new cardboard box that all of the cats like to chew on.

3. A 10 # garden basket used by my father to put tomatoes in.

4. DVDs of my favorite show on TV Land.

5. Suet that needs to be put out in the second suet feeder.

6. The ads that have come in the mail over the last three days.

7. A PVC pipe book-holder that was an "invention" Wally made in fourth grade.

8. Books ready to be delivered to an ailing friend.

9. The basketball Wally and Theo played with at their grandparent's house.

10. The boxes I hope to have sorted and processed by Thursday.