Tuesday, November 27, 2012


or Holey Moly, I Can See My Toe

Yesterday, I left for work with a perfectly good pair of socks. However, I came home with a pair of tattered socks that were ready to be retired. At some point that morning, my toe poked through the end of my sock and I was annoyed for the rest of the day. It's amazing how fast they went from a favorite pair to a pair that I probably won't wear again. You see, I'm very particular about my socks. Some people don't mind a hole in the toe of their sock (like my son), but I can't stand it. Also, I don't like it if my socks are too big and wrinkle under my feet, and I don't like it if they're too tight either. You might say that I have sensitive feet.

But the sock gods were watching out for me yesterday in another way. After I came home disappointed with my holey sock, an almost miraculous thing happened. I was finally able to match all of the family's white socks while folding the laundry. Every sock in the odd sock pile was matched with a sock in yesterday's laundry. Something that hasn't happened for a long, long time. That certainly was a very satisfying event and almost made up for my sock disappointment that morning.
But Wait, There's More:
What are your favorite kinds of socks? Do you have a brand or style you would recommend? I am always in search of the perfect pair of socks.