Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Second Look--July 22, 2012

On a Second Look, I often feature pictures that are close ups. This week, I decided to pull back a little and let you see more of the beds and land around them. It was good for me to do this because recently, all I seem to see are heat-stressed flowers and weeds when I look outside. While doing my exploring, I realized that we still have some nice beds in bloom. Once again, a Second Look is helping see things through a different set of eyes. That's why I do it.

Here's What I Saw This Week.

Coleus and Celosia




Black Eyed Susan

Balloon flowers

Storm clouds rolling in. I made it inside just before a huge clap of thunder.

Two fawns with their mother. We saw two more, also with their mother, on the other side of the yard.