Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Knucklehead by Jon Scieszka, a review

or Boys Will Be Boys

What? The book, Kuncklehead by Jon Scieszka. A memoir of growing up with five brothers in Flint, MI.

What is this book famous for? Creating the expression, "Boys will be boys." Well, maybe it didn't create it, but it could have. It is full of wild escapades of Jon and his brothers including explosions and fires, tying a little brother to his bed, and sword fighting while peeing/urinating. (There is a joke in the last two words that you will get after you read the book.)

Will it make you laugh or cry?  You will laugh until you cry.

Are all of the outlandish things Scieszka wrote about to be believed? I wasn't there as he was growing up, but according to Ward, Wally, and Theodore, they have done many of the same things. As they listened to the audio version of this book, they sometimes laughed because the situations were really funny and sometimes they laughed because they had done exactly the same thing that Jon and his brothers had done.

Who will enjoy it? The book is targeted for 4th -7th graders, but everyone will enjoy it.
Should I read it? Absolutely.