Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Second Look--July 25, 2012

Despite the heat, we had a new color of day lily blooming this week. Also, a rain from a couple of days ago, brought out a crop of various kinds of fungi.  The finches and cardinals have been steady visitors to our feeder, but the most excitement this week was caused by a baby rabbit. It got stuck in one of our basement window wells and had to be rescued by Wally. In the meantime, the cats were going crazy from the inside watching the bunny trying to jump out. I am happy to report that all was well in the end for all parties involved.

Here's what I saw this week during a Second Look.
The rescued baby bunny



Two female house finches. One leaving the feeder and one coming to the feeder.


Another color of day lily blooming

Deer and fox jaw bones