Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Second Look--May 16, 2012

I thought it was still spring with new iris and wild cherry trees blooming. Then when I looked outside today for a Second Look, I found blanket flowers along with the first day lilies--both things I associate with summer.  I guess only the plants know when the time is right for them to bloom.

Also, I have seen a couple of new calves in the field behind us. After talking to the farmer, I found out that most of the calves go to kids for 4H projects. Some are kept for breeding. Anyway, it's fun to watch them chase each other. The birds remain active and the deer visit every day. And the squirrels... they ate entire cake of suet this week.

See what I found this week.

Blanket Flowers (Gaillardia)

Tulip poplar. This actually is not a poplar tree. It's a member of the the magnolia family.


Yellow iris

Gray squirrel


 Wild Cherry in full bloom

Watchful deer

Stella Dora Day Lily

Cardinal and downy woodpecker