Saturday, January 28, 2012


Ward loves to work puzzles. When the weather turns cold, the puzzles come out--several a week if other responsibilities don't interfere.The reason he likes to work them so much is that he's good at them. The rest of the family can put a few pieces in after studying a puzzle for a while, but Ward can put pieces in almost as fast as he can pick them up.

And the cats can take them out almost as fast as he can put them in. You see, the cats love puzzles too. Puzzles provide lots of "toys" for them to play with. The cats bat loose pieces off the table. They pick them up with their mouths and carry them to the floor. They take their paws and remove pieces that have already been put in. And the list goes on with many possibilities. So much fun for our feline friends.

And so frustrating for Ward. Fortunately, he's good at reworking puzzles too.

One of our feline friends (Leo) at work.