Monday, August 6, 2012

I Spy White

Can You Find:

1. The ice chest that carried drinks to the crab feast

2. Seeds from a pretty but annoying flower

3. White meat from a roasted chicken

4. Our new dehumidifier

5. The book that helps me figure out visitors to our feeder

6. The sticks that go to work with both Ward and me most days

7. The brick that used to be part of my grandmother's chimney

8. The plate given to me by the church when I was a baby

9. The eggs that went into French toast and brownies

10. An old time calculator

11. An orchid that is amazingly still living and blooming

12. Our dishwasher with many settings, but only one that we use


  1. That's wonderful that you have a brick from your grandmother's chimney. Do you plan on doing anything in particular with it, or do you just have it as a memento? I think that's wonderful, though, that you have that!

  2. My grandmother had an old farm house that my father was raised in. The chimney was falling down, so my sister and I took some bricks from it. We painted them with a simple house and stream that looked like her house and the stream (creek) beside it. We covered the outside with quilted material so they wouldn't scratch where ever they were placed. We made them for several members of my extended family and they turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Mine is mostly a memento, but occasionally it is used as a doorstop.


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