Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Spy Orange

Can you find:

1. Leo and Annie's favorite toy

2. A fancy day lily

3. A tea kettle that went on camping trips with me when I was a girl

4. Ear plugs I use when I mow

5. A library summer reading program shirt

6. Tasty summer melon

7. The towel and wash cloth Wally took to college

8. My favorite crafting scissors

9. A flower that the butterflies love

10. A great fantasy novel

11. A word that rhymes with orange


  1. The daylilies are beautiful. Mine are blooming now too. I just love the flowers of summer!

    1. Most of our day lilies have succumbed to the heat of the summer. However, one or two have managed to survive and brighten up everything.


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