Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Second Look-April 4, 2012

See what I found during a Second Look this week.

A bumble bee that had just been on the bleeding hearts.

New growth on the pierus japonica.

Our ground hog has come out of hibernation. The dried leaves in the hole during the winter have been replaced by active digging.

The garlic mustard is starting to bloom. This is an invasive plant so if you see it in your yard, pull it as soon as you can. And especially don't let it bloom and go to seed. It may be too late for me, but try to save yourself from this plant if you can. (And an even bigger problem is the honeysuckle in the background.)

It took two weeks, but a blue bird has finished a nest in our nesting box. However, there are no eggs yet.

The grass is starting to green up.


  1. Ooo...I hope you frequently have the opportunity to sit on those benches. What a lovely view!

    1. We appreciate our view the most when we are doing a second look. Usually when we are outside, we are working. Maybe we slow down and enjoy the view more often.


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