Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Second Look--January 11, 2011

Other than a couple of inconsequential flurries, we haven't had much snow this winter.*  Although I appreciate the beauty of the snow, I rather enjoy the starkness of the winter landscape. The grays and browns make a nice backdrop for any bit of color that is present--like the dandelion I found while doing a Second Look this week.

See what I found this week.


Peeling bark on silver maple tree.

Dried Hydrangea blossom

Moss (Theodore says that I need more of an explanation., so I'll try again.) Moss--green spongy stuff.

Azalea buds waiting for spring.

Dried sedum blossom

Looking at the lower half of the yard. (Nothing like a shadow to put a little height on you.)

*We did have a little snow in October, but I don't really count that since the flowers were still blooming when it melted.


  1. Is this the new camera? Nice pics.

  2. Yes, this is the new camera. The wet one is still taking psychedelic pictures.


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