Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Second Look--November 1, 2011

This week we had an uncommon October snow. While some places had over two feet, we only had a couple of inches. It never really got much below freezing, so many of the plants bounced back as soon as the weather warmed up. There still seems to be as much animal life as ever. I guess a little snow isn't going to slow them down.

Marigolds bent down from the weight of the snow.

These mums bounced right back after the snow melted.

Now that the leaves have fallen from the top of this maple tree, we can see the squirrel's nest in it.

Another new addition to the herd in the field behind us.

This chipmunk had to work hard at getting this large hickory nut to its burrow.

Honeysuckle berries. I've never noticed these in years past.

Black-capped chickadee on feeder. Adult chickadees don't migrate so we should see  these this winter.

Deer hoof print

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