Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Second Look, September 21, 2011

This week, it really started to feel like fall with cool evenings and warm afternoons.The moderate weather, along with the rain we have been having, has started a new round of blooming. Some are plants that went dormant during the hot weather of August and others are fall bloomers only.

Also, this week's Second Look had a second look. Wally asked if I had walked around the yard yet and had I seen the big mushrooms. Well, I thought I had looked all over the yard, but I missed what he had seen. I guess that's why we need to do a second look sometimes. So after my pictures, you will see what Wally found interesting this week.

Sternbergia lutea
At first, I thought they were fall crocus.

The newly blooming sedum was teeming with bees and common buckeye butterflies.
(Thanks to Aunt Martha for the butterfly identification.)

Blanket flower. Another flower from this plant won a blue ribbon at the fair last week.

Four stages of black walnuts from freshly fallen to already eaten by squirrels.

The tree that the walnuts fell from.

Wally's Second Look--The Fungus Among Us

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