Sunday, August 14, 2011

Clever Squirrel

Anyone who has watched squirrels, especially around a bird feeder, knows that they are very clever animals. We have been finding this out first hand.

It all started when we got Ward a bird feeder for his birthday. We carefully picked out a "squirrel proof" feeder with advice from Aunt Martha, our bird expert. However, it didn't take long until the squirrels had bypassed the weight sensitive lever on the feeder and were eating to their heart's content.

We enjoyed their antics for a while, but soon tired of feeding them the expensive bird seed we had put out for the birds. We have many oak and walnut trees in our yard providing ample tasty food for the squirrels, but they seem to only want the store-bought stuff.

Last week, Ward and Wally put up a new barrier for the squirrels in the form of an upside down bowl that others had said should thwart them. However, that only slowed them down for a day or so. They are back eating to their hearts content and looking fatter than ever.

I'd like to say, "When you can't beat them, join them" and that we are giving in. But we're not. We are going to win this battle (at least in our dreams.) In the meantime, I will be flattered if someone calls me a "Squirrel Brain."

Look at the Clever Squirrel's Antics Below.

Ward's new bird feeder before the birds or squirrels had visited it.

Mr. Squirrel having a leisurely afternoon snack on the new feeder.
The first day the bowl is up. Notice the squirrel climbing the pole like usual.

It wasn't long until he learned to jump out from under the bowl to the feeder.

The bowl wobbled a bit, but he enjoyed his seeds.

He followed the seeds with some hearty suet.

He finished up with one our juicy tomatoes.
After his meal, he had a nice after-dinner drink.

The next day we found the bowl moved out of the way. No more of this wobbling while he was eating.


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  2. If I was a squirrel, I would definitely hang out your place. You have plenty of food and games to keep any squirrel happy. :-)

    I'm sad to learn at this late hour that you could have been my Cambridge connection. I'm filing that information away for future reference.


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